Monday, May 18, 2009

Starting Line

Okay, a dear friend of mine says that I should start this thing. So, although I don't know exactly why someone would want to follow what I might go on about, here I am at the starting line. It gives me pause and an odd shape to my already odd puss, blog?  I will try to make it simple and treat it as I do my scrapbooks. Maybe even dig through some of the crates and see what I can share from time to time. Too much of my work doesn't get seen... yeah, there ya go, that could be my reason number one.
My disclaimer is that I will not worry over my grammar and I will state whatever is on my mind, if that offends anyone, I apologize in advance. Same goes for any images, some might be graphic in nature but they are only meant to conjure thought and maybe create debate (yum), not to offend any religion, race, sex, or age group.
Cheers, Anthony

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