Friday, August 7, 2009

Squeeze it!

Okay, here's a funny one from way back. Back in the day as first assistant for Mark Seliger, I would often have to test our ideas and solve technical problems or simply find the best way to capture the image. I came up with the idea of a two "beauty dish" light to get away from the usual Octa Bank soft look. I also had to be sure that the flash duration was short enough to freeze the mustard stream so that it was not just a blur of yellow. After a visit to Ralph's market for the weenies, buns and mustard, we (me and the second assistant) set up the gear in the rear parking lot of what was then the Nikko Hotel on LaBrea. I can only imagine that this scary polaroid of me is a result of being overworked and listening to too much Soundgarden and Metallica! I'm proud of the final result, it made for a great magazine cover.